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Dr Cameron's 'Pie Rats' Please

Recently students from Year 4 had the pleasure of participating in a story writing and illustrating workshop with Dr Cameron Stelzer – The Story Doctor. The Queensland based illustrator and author of children’s books, including the Pie Rats series, delivered an exciting incursion that stimulated some very creative writing. Classes had read and explored a Stelzer novel before his arrival.  
Dr Cameron published his first book thirteen years ago after completing doctoral studies in visual arts. One book became a series and the series is now a six book collection. Cameron has created additional book series in that time and a range of drawing books full of techniques and tricks to create awesome illustrations. While here, he admitted he was working on four books at once for a completely new collection. We can’t wait for their release.
In addition to creating very fun and entertaining books, The Story Doctor loves to make school visits all around the country. He attended no less than twelve schools in Far North Queensland over five days this month and has no doubt impressed staff and students at each of them. The workshop our students participated in explored writing conventions like alliteration, humour and similes to enhance creative writing. Dr Cameron’s website explains, 
“My school visits are all about fostering a passion for reading, writing and drawing. I love encouraging young people to create their own stories.” His passion shows. One of our Year 4 teaching staff described student work after the workshop as, 
“Really creative and descriptive. They (the students) really listened and were able to apply what they learnt from him and put it to use straight away.” Student responses ranged from,
“It was really fun and interesting” to, 
“I liked the alliteration exercise because it’s fun to play with words and make your stories more exciting” and, 
“Learning how Dr Cameron draws the Pie Rats was my favourite. It was easier than I thought.” 
We are pleased when as a school we can deliver opportunities like The Story Doctor - Exciting Descriptive Writing Workshop to our students as an incursion and at no cost to parents. Our students benefit from experiences that complement classroom learning. As a published author/ illustrator Dr Cameron Stelzer is an absolute authority on creative writing and we look forward to bringing him back in the future.