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Easy English Gets Creative

​Easy English participants make their point in the 'Great EE Debate'
​Last year we initiated the Easy English program delivering English language lessons for the parents of culturally and linguistically diverse students enrolled at our school. The classes quickly became a highlight of the week for the participants who hail from nations including, Japan, China, India, Indonesia and Iran.
This year we have re-launched the program and once again it is proving popular. So far this term the students have explored creative writing and prepared for a ‘great debate’ on the topic of pet ownership for children. Program facilitator, Christine Vernon shared her thoughts,
“I am very impressed with the creative writing the participants have done. They are working very hard and are always enthusiastic to demonstrate their learning.”
Christine gave her students the task of writing a story constructed from a series of images. As a class, participants explored vocabulary suited to the possible story, descriptive language conventions and appropriate punctuation. Student, Yoshiki submitted a story that met the brief. After finding a bird with a broken wing in a nearby skate park, Ben and Cathy have a problem to solve.
Here is an excerpt from Bird Wing by Yoshiki Sato:
"But how can we carry the bird without hurting it?" asked Ben. A second later, Cathy says quietly,
 "I have a good idea.”  She unties her scarf and gives it to Ben.
"You can use it to wrap the bird, and we can carry it safely to the vet!" offered Cathy.
Then, Ben gently picks up the bird and wraps the scarf carefully around it. They slowly skate to the vet.  The bird stops crying. When they reach the vet, Cathy knocks on the door.
"Excuse me!" cries Ben. Immediately, Dr Emily appears at the door. 
"What has happened here?" inquires Dr Emily.
"We found this black bird lying on the grass and it has broken its wings," said Ben.
"Can you fix it?" asked Cathy.
"Sure!" replied Dr Emily wearing a bright smile.
Then, Dr Emily looked at the bird and said,
"Thank you children.  I will cure this bird and you can come back in two days."
Christine is very pleased with the progress being made.
"The participants are developing such confidence because they have fun and it's a safe environment. We are empowering parents with english vocabulary." She explains.
Easy English at Edge Hill State School – getting creative to help parents help their children learn.