​​​​​Enrolment policy

Edge Hill State School has an approved enrolment management plan.

The approved catchment area for Edge Hill State School is shown on the Interactive Catchment Map.

All students who reside within the local catchment area and are eligible for enrolment in the educational program offered by the school have a right to enrolment at the school. The Principal will hold places for students who relocate to within the catchment boundary throughout the school year.

Enrolment of students from outside the local catchment area will be managed to ensure that the total current and forecast enrolments do not exceed the school's current build capacity and where applicable will ensure there is an even spread of students across year levels or class groupings.

The school's enrolment management plan does not replace other departmental policy, for example safe, supportive and disciplined school environment, nor does it override subsequent determinations regarding built school capacity.

Please download and complete the Enrolment Interest Form first and return it to school. This form is available in the quick links bar​ on the right of this page. Enrolment Application and State School Consent Forms are also available here.

Enrolment criteria

There will be two types of applications: automatic entry and selected entry:

Automatic Entry

  • all students enrolled at Edge Hill State School on the final day of the preceding year
  • all applications residing in the defined catchment area for the year of schooling which enrolment is being sought. Please note that evidence of residency will be required.
  • children and young people who are subject to child protection orders that grant guardianship or custody to the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Child Safety 
  • students placed under Education Queensland placement policy for students with disabilities, on a Special Education Program at the school 
  • applicants whose parent, or legal guardian, is employed at the school 
  • students accepted under the International Student Program

Selected entry

The school's enrolment for students who live outside local catchment area is dependent upon the school's enrolment capacity. Priority will be given to students who have siblings enrolled at the school, families who have a past connection with Edge Hill state school, transport convenience or inability to enrol at another school.

Proof of residency

Parents who wish to enrol their child/ren at Edge Hill School under the Enrolment Management Plan will need to demonstrate that the child/ren to be enrolled, reside within the catchment area. The following documentation may be required if requested by the Principal:

  • Rates notice, electricity account
  • Signed unconditional house contract
  • Rental agreement stamped and signed by real estate agency for a minimum of six months duration
  • Rental bond receipt
  • Registration on a State or Federal Electoral Roll
  • Australian citizenship, permanent residence status or eligibility under a visa category
  • Statutory declaration
Last reviewed 11 May 2021
Last updated 11 May 2021